Commercial services include the following (but certainly not limited to!):

  • Municipal Water Wells
  • Seismic Boreholes
  • Elevator Shafts
  • Drilled Piles
  • Test Wells
  • Dewatering Wells
  • Environmental - Geotechnical
  • PQ-HQ triple tube coring

HARD DRILLING SPECIALISTS If you ever encounter a need to drill and case through cobbles, boulders, or solid rock; or need to drill deep dewatering holes in caving materials; or install pilings through tough formations, give us a call! We have simultaneously drilled and cased 24" piles through 23' of solid granite & drilled and cased 12" pilot holes through unconsolidated gravel with 10' boulders to a depth of 500 feet. We are ready to assist you with your drilling requirements. Whether it is municipal, siesmic borehole, dewatering, drilled in place piles, test borings or exploration drilling, our HARD DRILLING SPECIALISTS are equipped and trained to accommodate your needs.


OUR EQUIPMENT: For "HARD DRILLING" and large diameters we're currently operating 2 FOREMOST DR24's and 1 DR24HD Air, Air Foam or Stiff Foam drilling. Conventional Mud (or clean water) or Flooded Reverse both utilizing our Mud Cleaning System. We have also used underreammers systems in conjunction with our DRs in areas where most other methods fail!


For other types of drilling including smaller diameter air, mud and auger, geotechnical, environmental, PQ and HQ coring and some angle drilling we use our Mobile B-61, B-80 or track mounted B-50.


We also have a BE 22W Cable Tool for well development, rehab, abandonments and standard work over situations.


All drill rigs come with a complete support package including but not limited to water tanks, pumps, grout plants, forklifts, knucklebooms and job trailers.