5 Ways Drilling Impacts our Everyday Lives

While we often think of oil when we hear the word drilling, there are many different applications for drilling technology. It impacts us every single day, whether we realize it or not. Tacoma Pump & Drilling works with everyone from residential clients to geologists and engineers and we use drilling to assist with scientific research, ensure safety in a building project, and so much more. Here are 5 ways drilling technology impacts our everyday lives.

Water Wells

We often share about drilling wells, and for good reason! Access to fresh, clean drinking water is a human need that ties us all together. No matter where you are in the world, clean water is an important part of your everyday life. Tacoma Pump & Drilling provides both residential and commercial water well services. We drill wells for your home, property, and even for local cities and municipalities. Drilling allows us to effectively access groundwater for use in homes, farming, city utilities, and more. Drilling wells is even one aspect of our work with geothermal energy and scientific research.

Civil Infrastructure

From the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel in Seattle to the overpass you drive over on your way to work each day, drilling is a part of your life. It plays a huge role in civil infrastructure—the roads and bridges you use, the water you drink, and even your favorite public pier. Without drilling, many different building and maintenance projects would be incomplete. At TPD, we’ve been part of drilling projects for an elevator shaft at Joint Base Lewis-McChord all the way to pump servicing at Husky Stadium. We even recently did a well project for the city of Gig Harbor. All throughout the Puget Sound, civil construction and engineering depend on drilling.

Environmental Research

Drilling safely and efficiently into the earth allows us to understand many different things about our environment. Soil sampling, water collection, soil vapor sampling, and even well decommissioning require drilling. The processes also help us better understand or protect the environment. With TPD’s environmental drilling and sampling services, we delineate subsurface impacts and monitor conditions over time. In fact, Drilling is an important procedure for environmental protection and remediation. Using diverse equipment and highly skilled drilling staff, we drill through incredibly challenging subsurface conditions. This helps researchers and scientists gain insight and move forward on projects that impact where we build, how we grow, and even how we access energy.

Energy Advancements

As we explain here, geothermal energy is a naturally occurring energy that is both stored and generated in the earth. Heat from the earth, combined with water, produces steam as the water rises to the surface. That steam, when harnessed, is used to power turbines and produce electricity. The water eventually goes back into the earth to begin the process again.

TPD works with researchers, engineers, and hydrogeologists to understand how to develop the naturally occurring thermal energy, expand its potential, and harness it to create electricity here in the Pacific Northwest.

Drilling develops and deepens boreholes for temperature gradients and for seismometer placement so that researchers can monitor and understand thermal energy at a specific site. The potential for advancements in energy such as geothermal are incredible, and drilling plays a significant role.

Building and Construction

We love working with contractors and engineers to add our drilling expertise to building and construction projects. Through drilling, we install elevator shafts, sewage, and other water utilities, as well as provide well rehab and reconditioning, high volume test pumps, data collection, and even downhole videoing services. With the help of our environmental impact expertise, we use drilling to ensure building safety and environmental safety on construction projects both large and small.

TPD Offers over 80 Years of Drilling Expertise

Every day you utilize buildings, roads, and services that exist thanks to drilling technology. Whether you need a residential well for your home or an experienced team of drillers for your environmental or energy research, Tacoma Pump & Drilling is here to help. We offer nearly 9 decades of experience and the equipment needed for projects of any size and complexity. Contact us today for a quote or to learn more about our services.