Environmental Drilling

We are committed to Quality, Honesty and Integrity in our business and building solid Working Relationships.

Environmental Drilling Services

Tacoma Pump & Drilling values are based on a family tradition of safety first, hard work and superior workmanship. Since 1933, we have drilled thousands of potable water wells over a span over nearly 80 years. During this time, our reputation has been forged as an honest, fair, and reputable drilling contractor providing the highest quality services to Geologists, Hydrogeologists, Engineers, and Homeowners.

We take great pride in this reputation and it is the cornerstone of Tacoma Pump & Drilling and who we are today. Our team is built by highly trained drilling professionals with the training and experience and skills required to perform work at any site.

Our Drilling Capbilities

Commercial Drilling Services we provide

  • Soil Boring & Sampling
  • Large Diameter Extraction/Injection Well Drilling & Construction
  • Monitoring Well Drilling & Construction
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Monitoring Well Decommissioning
  • PQ-HQ Rock Coring
  • Limited Access Soil Sampling
  • Soil Vapor Sampling Point Installation
  • Collecting Water & Soil Samples
  • Decommissioning and Sealing of Wells
  • Packer Testing