Can You Drill a Well in the Winter?

With winter weather closing in, many of our customers wonder if it’s still possible to drill a well in cold weather. While Washington State isn’t known for particularly harsh winters, the drop in temperature means frozen ground, snowing conditions in the foothills, and plenty of winter obstacles. So, is it still possible to drill in the winter? The short answer is, yes! In fact, winter is a great time to drill your well.

Winter Drilling FAQs

If you’ve ever built a new home, you are likely familiar with the way seasons impact construction. Many building projects take place from spring through summer (and into fall when the weather cooperates). But is drilling also impacted by the seasons?

Believe it or not, only very inclement weather negatively impacts drilling. Seasonal storms or flooding that hinder our ability to travel or safely maneuver our rigs can slow us slightly, but that is all. Snow, rain, sun…the crew at Tacoma Pump and Drilling has drilled in all kinds of weather.

The reason this is possible is that our equipment is designed to handle many different types of material or mineral deposits below the earth’s surface. That means even a frozen top layer of soil won’t impede drilling. Since winter doesn’t slow us down, you may be wondering if there are advantages to winter drilling. Here are some ways winter can be an optimal time to drill a well.

drill rig in the snow

Three Reasons to Drill a Well During Winter

Sludge, snow, ice, rain, sleet…they all seem like good excuses to save your drilling project for the spring. Yet, we have three great reasons to consider wrapping up that project while winter is in full swing.

Drill a Well Before You Build

If you’re adding a well to a new construction project, then winter is a great time to get your well done before building commences in the spring. A clean, unobstructed work site makes it easier to access any part of the property and place your well accordingly. Not only that, but you’ll have your water supply ready to go before your new home is built and occupied.

Beat the Spring Rush

Whether you are adding a well to an existing property or new construction, there is always an influx of drilling needs in the spring and summer months. This coincides with the construction season. Winter drilling allows you to avoid that rush. Get your well drilled promptly and conveniently by opting to drill in the winter.

Experience a Clean Drilling Site

That frozen top layer of soil certainly doesn’t pose any obstacles for our drill rigs, and it also can serve as a hidden advantage. Frozen ground means our heavy rigs and equipment aren’t navigating through the muddy conditions often associated with fall and spring rain. That means your property also experiences the advantage of less mess, less mud, and less maintenance.

Call Tacoma Drilling for Winter Well Installation

After more than 85 years, we’ve experienced every type of weather Washington State has to offer. Our team and our equipment are up to the challenge! At Tacoma Drilling, we’ll gladly schedule your winter project and get your well expertly drilled in a timely manner. Contact us to get a quote and schedule your drilling project!