5 Key Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for Well Drilling

​Some water wells need to be drilled 1000 feet into the ground to reach the water table. The average homeowner can’t drill that deep on their own.

Professional well drilling saves not only money but also time. Experts with years of experience know where to drill and what pump works best for your needs.

The less time you have to spend guessing about pumps, screens, and liners, the better. Save yourself the headache of trying to do it yourself and bring in a professional.

Need a few more reasons to convince you to hire a professional well driller? We’ve got five examples for you to consider.

1. Save Money

Renting a drill could cost thousands of dollars. That’s not including the delivery cost.

You also need to factor in the fees for each drilling attempt. These fees differ for every county/state. One mistake could cost you around $500 in fees depending on where you live.

When hiring a professional well driller, their fees include:

  • Cost of labor
  • Cost of materials
  • Price per foot drilled
  • Price per foot of casing
  • Cost of a water pump test
  • Price for pump installation
  • Cost of water quality test

A professional will guide you when it comes to picking the right pump and materials. Poor quality materials will end up costing you more down the road for repairs.

2. Protect the Water Table

If an accident should occur during drilling, it could taint the water table for everyone. Poorly dug wells are dangerous and can result in a fine for the property owner.

Well drillers are trained to spot these hazards before they become a problem. They will tell you if your digging site will draw bacteria into your well. 

3. Safety is Top Priority

Drilling wells can lead to falling or serious injury from heavy machinery. 

Professional well drillers go through annual training to keep everyone safe. Most companies also require first aid and CPR classes for their drill operators.

Don’t be afraid to ask your local company about their safety training. Make sure their training comes from legitimate sources such as OSHA.

4. No Mistakes

Professional drillers are trained to get it right the first time. 

Common mistakes made during DIY drilling include:

  • Crooked well shafts
  • Missing the water table
  • Drilling through a water line or power line
  • Installing improper well liners
  • Drilling too close to a septic tank or animal pasture

Save yourself time, energy, and money by bringing in a professional from the start.

5. Professional Drillers Help File Proper Reports

Drilling a well requires quite a bit of paperwork. 

In Washington, you need a license to construct a well. Drillers must also submit a Notice of Intent 72 hours before construction begins.

After construction, the drillers will submit Water Well Reports to the Department of Ecology.

Leave Well Drilling to the Professionals

Too many things can go wrong if you decide to drill your own well. It is important to protect groundwater sources. The best way to do that is by hiring a professional.

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